Real Time Map

The Real Time Map displays the current location of buses on a route. In order to view Real Time bus information for a particular route, do the following:

  • Select “Routes” from the menu
  • Choose the route and direction you want to view. You can filter the list of routes by area of town using the drop-down menu at the top
  • A maximum of 3 routes can be displayed at once

The route will be shown on the map, along with icons indicating the location of buses along the route. The color of the bus icon changes to correspond with the condition of the bus:

  • Blue bus icon - the bus is running on time
  • Red bus icon - the bus is running behind schedule
  • Green bus icon - the bus is running ahead of schedule
  • Grey bus icon - realtime information is currently unavailable, so the scheduled bus location is displayed

To go back to the Trip Planner, click on the Trip Planner tab.