Getting Next Bus Information

“Next Bus” displays information about bus arrivals and departures at a selected bus stop based on a specified Address, Landmark or Stop ID.

1. Choose the stop for which you want to retrieve information

  • Address - Select the “Address” tab above the search field of the “Next Bus” page. Enter the address in the search field. As you type, the field will display matching address information from our database. Select the corresponding address from the pop-up list, then select the “Search” button.

  • Landmark - Select a landmark category (such as Grocery Stores, Hospitals, etc.). Select the location from the populated list and then select the “Search” button.

  • Stop - If you know the stop ID (available on the bus stop sign at every Sun Metro bus stop), enter it in Stop search field and select the “Search” button.

2. Depending on your location, several stops may appear on the map. Select the stop for which you wish to get Next Bus information either using the “Nearby Stops” list or by selecting the appropriate stop on the map. Once the stop is selected, a tooltip window will appear at the selected stop with more information about that location.

3. Select the “GET NEXT DEPARTURES” button (located beneath the list of stops) or the “TIMES” button (located in the popup tooltip window on the map) to get Next Bus information.

Note: The default time and day are already set and the results will display times for all upcoming routes. Time and date can also be adjusted in order to see different departures.

If you know the specific route you'd like Next Bus information on, you can use the "ALL ROUTES PASSING THIS STOP" panel in the result page. Select the desired route from the table provided and then select the button next to the route. The results will display the next times at your stop for this route ONLY.